The criteria for TTKKNN allocation to collections is largely based on a methodology that supports independent collections that:
  • Have not received an influx of venture capital funding
  • Are based on the work of an independent artist or creative team
  • Have shown some track record of exchange trading and value
  • Are not another replica or iteration of something the space has already seen before
  • Have not or are not actively implementing their own utility token
Currently, TTKKNN is using ERC721Enumerable _tokensOfOwner(address owner) to implement the staking process as this allows a call to a contract which returns an array of all tokens owned by a user within the contract.
The staking details document outlines the method used in each contract:
Future version of TTKKNN will look to implement collation loading based on a wallet's holdings or interations across a collection in the staking contract to allow the addition of collection which do not expose _tokensOfOwner.
Each staking contract has a reclaimTokens method which allows TTKKNN to be pulled from the staking contract of any collection if needed.